Eating out starts at dinnersite!

Welcome on dinnersite!

Dinnersite germinated on the world wide web in 1995 as one of the first commercial search sites. It official launch was April 10 1006 with focusing on The Netherlands.  It’s founder, Menno de Vries, was a regular visitor of Israel and  started Dinnersite Israel in  1997 as the first on-line restaurant guide in the holy land. Many other countries followed and for many restaurateurs it was their first acquaintance with internet and it’s promotional opportunities.

Dinnersite offers restaurants many easy to use promotional tools for free. They can add menu  cards, photo’s, text and up to 200 characteristics  and makes all this information available on it’s website where, you, our valued visitor can makes search queries on all the characteristics and use the different smart handy tools like our integration with Google Maps, where you can see all restaurants around a location of your choice.

Restaurants have different options to advertise and to receive extra exposure, ie will be ranked higher in the search results. If you find subjective lists, like the best restaurants, dinnersite uses external and user generated  sources without differentiating between paying and non-paying restaurants.

On the D-public pages it is you who decide which restaurants will added to different categories like romantic, child friendly etc. Your input is highly appreciated.

From chic to shabby, from kebab to kosher, from trendy to dowdy, from Amsterdam to Jerusalem. From the idea that tastes differ, dinnersite wants to be as accessible and far reaching as possible. Unpretentious but simply a complete service that works well and fast for anyone looking for a nice restaurant. Of course with due attention to quality and appearance where you always find what you want, whatever you want.

That’s why we say that eating out starts at dinnersite!