Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem  - 02-6232928

31.77414300 35.22484500

A sunlight-saturated culinary experience overlooking the walls of the Old City, with a captivating view of the Judean Desert, Mt. Zion and the Kidron Valley.

In the morning, it offers Guest House residents a lavish Israeli breakfast, including a variety of breads and rolls, fine cheeses, fresh pastries, fruit, juice, choice of salads, smoked fish, eggs and superb coffee. The rest of the day, it functions as a restaurant featuring the finest dairy Italian dishes, special desserts and wines from the extensive collection of proprietor Moïse Peer.


Though Israel is also known as the start up nation and leading in internet technology inventions, you might be surprised how long it can take to answer an email. Use your phone if its urgent or if you don't get any reply.



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