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Here's something you'll find on every website, and here too. Do you really care if Moses Tel Aviv was established on November 2003, and it is part of a group of restaurants including, 'Ad Haetzem' meat and ribs, and Asian 'Zozobra'? Do you really care if we opened Moses Herzlia on September 2005?

What's really important is that they are open now. If you wanted to learn some history you'd probably log into Wikipedia or somewhere like that. Anyway, what can really interest you is that we are opening another Moses restaurant on August 2007, this time in Ramat Hahayal business area. There you will enjoy what we like to call Modern American Kitchen and a unique and extraordinary culinary experience by the chef Avi Konforty.


Though Israel is also known as the start up nation and leading in internet technology inventions, you might be surprised how long it can take to answer an email. Use your phone if its urgent or if you don't get any reply.



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