3 Havakuk HaNavi Street, Tel Aviv  - 03-5452210

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Overlooking the magnificent views of the Mediterranean sea resides the Ciela Rooftop Lounge. There’s those that may comment “The Icing on the cake” of the hotel.

Offering a selection of culinary attractions, changing depending on the time of day.

Starting with a rich Israeli Breakfast, where you are able to enjoy an assortment of Israeli farm cheeses, fresh market vegetables and a choice of the chef’s dishes that vary daily, advancing to The lunch menu, and ending with our delicious evening menu overlooking one of the most beautiful sunsets over urban Tel Aviv.

At the Ciela Rooftop Lounge you shall experience our first class customer service. Warm personal service to each and every guest, while providing emphasis on the Chef’s daily dishes.

Offering an abundance of fresh sea fish, that are delivered straight from the Old Jaffa Port, fresh pasta’s and a selection of fresh market vegetables, all straight from the farmer to your table.

Opening Hours
Breakfast Menu – 0700am – 1100am
Lunch/ Evening Menu - 1300pm – 2300pm


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