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Darna, our home in Moroccan, is a dream-come-true, not just for myself and for the Moroccan community in Israel, but for all those who dream about a true peace between ourselves and our neighbors.

From its inception, Darna has done everything possible to fulfill its commitment to preserve the culture of Moroccan hospitality, from its culinary excellence to our warm welcome in the spirit of the Maghreb.

A long hallway tiled with Zellige mosaic leads you to one of the enchanting hidden corners of the restaurant. Imagine an old wooden door supported by a carved arch. Walk down 12 wooden steps to a heavy iron door and you suddenly find yourself standing before the opening of a wine cellar of such charm seen only in fairy tales. Inside are shelves laden with the finest boutique wines from the choice kosher wineries in Israel.

Near the exit to the cellar is a wine-tasting room, a magical arched hall inviting you to relax and enjoy the dishes of the house together a glass of Israel’s finest wine.


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