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About Liliyot Restaurant

Liliyot Restaurant is one of the leading culinary institutions in Tel Aviv in particular and in Israel in general. The restaurant is located on the Liliyot property adjacent to Liliyot Bakery, at the entrance to the prestigious Beit Asia building near the Court House, in the cultural heart of Tel Aviv.

Liliyot Restaurant presents the modern Israeli kosher kitchen at its best, using the highest quality ingredients: choice meat, fresh fish and vegetables, and fine olive oil. The presentation is fresh and creative in the Mediterranean tradition. Noam Dekkers, one of Israel’s top chefs, presides over the kitchen. Dekkers acquired his experience, inter alia, in the kitchens of Raphael, Barcarola (three years), and Mul HaYam (four years).

Liliyot hosts affairs for up to 170 guests. The restaurant offers suitable private rooms for events with up to 60 guests, for any type of gathering: private celebrations, business events, conferences, and more.

In addition, Liliyot’s catering provides service anywhere, with complete solutions for every request and need.

Liliyot Restaurant’s uniqueness lies in its social action initiative for the rehabilitation of youth at risk, in collaboration with Elem — the Organization for Youth at Risk in Israel. Every year Liliyot Restaurant trains and employs 15 high school drop-outs, who receive instruction, supervision and employment for a period of up to a year and a half. For the purpose of the initiative, a team — including a full time social worker — was set up to supervise the program participants. The vocational training enables participants to acquire a high demand profession, and for the first time in their lives equips them with the means necessary to integrate into society as productive citizens.

The bakery and its activities are supported by the Liliyot Group, a group of social action and business entrepreneurs collaborating to realize a common vision: acquisition and establishment of businesses whose core activities incorporate social action. The Group members — the Dualis Fund, directed by Chanoch Barkat, Nadav Berger and Asaf Blank — have inscribed social action on their standard. Unlike social contribution, social action operates to integrate weaker sectors of the population, offering them an opportunity to transform their futures and become independent productive citizens. The Liliyot Group believes that only by making it possible for the disadvantaged to acquire practical tools to improve and support themselves will it be possible to generate real change in Israeli society. The aim of the Group in the coming years is to create a number of businesses incorporating social action throughout Israel, including populations in peripheral communities.


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